Ann McRobb stays ahead of the game with OPITO recognised training programs

We are delighted to announce that our very own Ann McRobb, Founder and Managing Director of Ann McRobb Associates, has proactively responded to global skills body OPITO’s recent announcement that it is changing its CMS Approval Criteria to allow organisations flexibility in how competence assessors and internal verifiers are trained to gain qualifications.

Under the revised criteria, organisations are no longer required to only train assessors and internal verifiers to a nationally or industry recognised standard but can launch their own in-house training packages providing they operate within OPITO guidelines.

Ann McRobb Associates is believed to be among the first in Scotland to roll out its own series of in-house training and competence programs fully in line with the revised industry body criteria.

Ann already has extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of training and competency and has been delivering large-scale projects supporting major energy, marine and drilling firms across the globe for over 20 years.

“This is a very significant and welcome move by OPITO which will give smaller organisations more of a chance to offer our clients the latest in-house courses with improved training efficiencies as well as offering considerable cost savings to our customers.

“I am pleased to simplify the process for our clients to achieve industry recognised in-house qualifications in a more adaptable way.”

OPITO CMS approval encompasses the performance and development of employees using a structured and measured system, that gives the organisation more control over risk and cost at every step of the competence management lifecycle – selection, training and development, staff deployment, assessment and carrying out the job role.

“Industry changes are deepening; and organisations are adjusting drastically”, says Ann.

“There is a huge requirement to assess skills, training, and competency to ensure safe operations and industry bodies are tightening requirements to ensure competency and certification are in place.

“I look forward in continuing to work with subject matter experts to strengthen the process for our clients to achieve industry recognised in-house qualifications.”