‘Mum’s the word’ as Aberdeen training consultancy invests in homegrown talent

We are thrilled to announce the appointment of our first business management trainee.

Our Managing Director, Ann McRobb, and Operations Director, Gary McRobb, took the decision to keep it within the family with the appointment of Patrick, 21, who will be leaving full time employment this month to join the ranks of the McRobb family business.

Investment in future talent is a core focus of our growth strategy as we continue an upward trajectory with a host of new clients and associates joining the company in recent months.

Patrick, who previously worked in the retail sector with management experience, said he is ready to switch career paths to be a part of the McRobb family legacy, “This is an ideal opportunity to develop my existing management skills and to put my experience to good use to further enhance the family business.

“I also feel extremely lucky that I will be learning from the best mentor I could hope for, my Mum! Although it might be strange at first calling her ‘Ann’ during working hours.”

Ann said she is delighted that Patrick had agreed to take on the business reins as a trainee manager,

“The importance of investing in the business’s future is crucial and we are committed to providing young people with the skills and knowledge to grow and move forward in their careers.

“We had always hoped that Patrick would one day be in a position to help us run the business and grow it further. He is young and enthusiastic with tremendous potential, and we are grateful that his values align with our core values of trust, collaboration and dependability.

“We are very much looking forward to integrating him into the business as we continue to deliver an outstanding level of service for our clients.”

Patrick will undertake a two-year business management graduate programme during which he will work with Ann McRobb Associates alongside his studies towards the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) recognised qualification. The training programme will allow him to build an in-depth knowledge of business management across a range of areas including project management, decision-making and leadership.

“Patrick’s business training is the start of an exciting investment in future talent. We are also committed to addressing the emerging skill gaps in the global energy sector which will further support our clients in the delivery of best practice in workforce competency and equipment suitability,” added Ann.

Based in Aberdeen, our Managing Director Ann McRobb uses more than two decades of industry experience to head the delivery of a range of onshore and offshore courses.  Using a wealth of knowledge across all areas of training and competency, the business delivers large-scale projects supporting major energy, marine and drilling organisations across the globe.

We are also believed to be one of the first in Scotland to roll out our series of in-house training and competence programs adhering to revised industry body criteria, revolutionising the way oil and gas sector professionals gain industry certifications.  The move was sparked by changes to the CMS Approval Criteria permitting organisations to offer their own training packages providing they operate within OPITO guidelines.