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Ongoing auditing and expert guidance to help maintain globally recognised industry certification.


Founded in 2018 by a small team of industry experts, Nevis Technology (Nevis) is a specialist provider of environmental monitoring systems, with a focus on MetOcean data and applications to support the offshore Oil & Gas and Energy Industries. Specialising in CAP437 Weather Systems, Helideck Monitoring Systems, Data Portals, Sensors & Hardware, Nevis achieved its ISO 9001 certification in 2019. In August 2020, driven by a strong commitment to running safe and efficient operations, Nevis engaged with Ann McRobb Associates for ongoing support to maintain industry certification and continue to improve and strengthen business processes.


QHSE management systems were proving impractical and unconstructive to Nevis’s operations.  With limited available resources and a desire to ensure the internal maintenance of processes and procedures were implemented in line with ISO standards, Nevis required customised, expert guidance on a practical approach to uphold the globally recognised standard. There was a requirement to update all QHSE documentation and a renewed focus on creating a safe and competent workforce to actively reduce risk and demonstrate a team that not only works safely but is fully trained and competent.  It was also important for Nevis to regularly update its environmental policies in line with current industry criteria.


Before the ISO 9001 renewal could be gained, gap analysis of the existing QHSE program was undertaken. By working closely with Ann McRobb Associates, Nevis identified key areas that required more focus on process optimisation. Following an in-depth internal audit, Ann McRobb Associates applied recommendations for best practice to not only improve the maintenance of the ISO accreditation, but to also ensure operational efficiency.

Ann McRobb Associates also developed a project plan to support Nevis in maintaining the correct resources to fully implement a new, fit for purpose QHSE system to achieve ISO 9001 approval status. Thanks to the guidance and expert advice of Ann McRobb Associates, Nevis is up to date on the latest regulations and has applied the highest industry standards across its business.

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Results & Benefits

Nevis achieved ISO 9001 reaccreditation in November 2021 with the support of Nevis’s four Directors and support staff who were all committed to reaching the same goal for recertification. Strong internal controls are now in place which not only ensures compliance and reduced risk, but also increases efficiency and security across the business.

Nevis can now focus on overall business performance with the confidence and trust in an effective Quality Management System that offered benefits including:

  • A smooth and efficient process to meet a globally recognised industry standard for health and safety management valid for two years
  • A customised QHSE system that is compatible, user friendly and accessible
  • The implementation of a rolling internal audit program for the next three years
  • The identification and categorisation of processes to assist external audits


“Ann is knowledgeable, trustworthy and experienced, but above all, she really listens to what her clients have to say. Ann McRobb Associates has given us a QHSE management system that is tailored to our operations and we are now well positioned to effectively manage our processes with a renewed confidence that we are operating within a globally recognised standard.”

Kathleen Dawes, Director of Operations, Nevis Technology Ltd. 

Director of Operations, Nevis Technology Ltd. 

Ann McRobb Associates Nevis Technology case study